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Alle udlærte danse hos The Outlaws


Michael Seurer

I'm Alive

Celine Dion

Pam & Eagle Lindsey

I'm Yours - Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Straight No Chaser

Stine Matthiassen

I Believe

Glenn Rogers

Hazel Pace

Ich mach meine Augen zu

Chris Norman & Nino de Angelo

George Strait

Lisa Spangler

I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore

The Mavericks

Yvonne Zielonka-Hlousek

I Kissed A Girl

Katy Perry

Crystal Rock, Marc Kiss & Warren Attwell

Iris M Mooney

I Love A Rainy Night

Eddie Rabbitt

Rachael McEnaney

I Run To You

Lady Antebellum

Teresa & Vera

I Said I Love You

Raul Malo

Derek Robinson

I Saw Linda Yester day

Black Jack

Maria Maag

I wan'na be Like You

Robbie Williams feat Olly murs

Mary Kelly

Hold Your Horses


Roy Verdonk

If You Can

Jolie Holiday

Raymond Sarlemijn

If you Don't Know Me By Now

Simply Red

Brenda Shatto


Anthony Hamilton


Celine Dion

Mike Hitchen

Back In My Arms

Mark Medlock

Ingemar Kardeskog

I'm In Love

Faniello Fabrizio

Maggie Gallagher

In My Car

Shania Twain

Linnea Ryhl

In The Mood

Swing sisters & The Pasadena Roof Orchestra

Dutch Delight, Raymond Sarlemijn & Wil Bos


Dutch Delight Dancers

Shaz Walton


Craig David

Lois Lightfoot

Irish Stew

Sham Rock

Instead, I wrote a song

Mae Muller

Lene Mainz Pedersen



Karen Jones

Islands In The Stream

Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton

I Still Fall For You

Gable Bradley

It s A Beautiful Day

Geoff Langford

You Lied To Me

Tracy Byrd

Kim Ray

It's Up To You

Barbra Streisand

Aiden Fryer

It Started With A Kiss

Hot Chocolate

Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot

I've Been Waiting For You

Amanda Seyfried